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2015-05-20 11:02 AVTOVAZ started to launch chain-drive engines

AVTOVAZ started serial production of chain-drive engines with gas distribution mechanism. At first, these engines will be set in Renault cars, and later they’ll find place under the hood of the perspective LADA cars.

2015-05-15 13:21 AVTOVAZ has increased its share in the Russian market

In April 2015, AVTOVAZ sold 22859 LADA cars in the Russian market. In comparison with April of the previous year, the market share of the AVTOVAZ models increased on 1.1%, and makes up 18.3%.

2015-05-12 10:23 Togliatti takes up the torch from Sochi

In Sochi the first exhibition of yachts and cutters “SOCHI yacht show” finished its work, on which there were presented the cutters and yachts of the brands Sunseeker, Alm Yachtbuilders, Polar Star, Cobalt, Shuper boats, Polboat, Crownline, and some other brands, Master Craft and Axis tow ships, Magic Float and Machogan water moorages, the yacht services rendered by the Logex and Evro-Marine companies, Jetlev-Flyer flying jetpacks, Porsche and Mercedes-Benz cars, BESV electric bicycles and a variety of offers for activities on the water and on the earth.

2015-05-05 11:59 The Togliatti youth will present the program "Under the Banner of Victory"

On the eve of celebration of the 70th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War an event for young people will take place in Togliatti.

2015-04-29 12:11 AVTOVAZ liquidated the deficit in the LADA mass models

According to the AVTOVAZ dealers, in February in Russia 23639 LADA cars were sold, in March – 27423 cars. The dealer net got the necessary amount of the cars so that AVTOVAZ might reach the target – a 20 percent share of the market.

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